Welcome to Hope Hill Farm!

We’re Amy & Matt Parmer, and this slice of creation is our family’s way to honor God. On our 13-acre homestead, you’ll find apple trees, berry bushes, a bee yard, and a large garden. We’ve got more animals on the farm than we can keep count of. Some are productive (like our working livestock guardian dog Annie and the chickens and ducks in our coop), while some are just plain cute (like our rabbit, Napoleon, or our Australian Shepherd). And we like to think that each of our eight children is some combination of both productive         cute.

With everything going on at Hope Hill Farm, the not-so-secret favorite is our beloved herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

For all the goat-people out there, you’ll appreciate that we have an active and award-winning performance herd, which participates in linear appraisal, milk-testing, ADGA-sanctioned shows, and in 4-H settings. When it comes to our herd, we’re constantly striving to improve the breed for the show ring and put more milk in the pail.

To translate for those outside the goat world: we work hard to make sure our goats are the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time).

Whether we’re selling springtime kids to other goat enthusiasts, winning awards for our goats at shows, or making useful products out of goat milk, our goats are the clear stars of Hope Hill Farm.  


Amy and Jessica's Soap Story...

Years ago, my best friend Jessica and I were on a mission to find home and skincare products that were better than the chemical-laden junk found at the store. My background in veterinary medicine and my herd of top-notch goats coupled with Jessica’s crafty mastermind made us perfect partners in creating useful, beautiful things out of goat milk.

 We began reading, researching, and experimenting, and after months spent perfecting the craft, Hope Hill Farm soap products were born! Now you can pull up to the farm any ole day and find the two of us at the stovetop in our soap shop or carefully wrapping labels on our products.

 Like most besties, Jessica and I have shared values and interests, and you’ll see our hearts throughout the work we do. From keeping our business God-centered to ensuring we’re constantly finding ways to be eco-friendly, we’re always on the same page when it comes to values. Best of all, our families tend to meld into one, and the soap business is one great big family affair.

 We hope to invite you into the family as you fall in love with what Hope Hill Farm has to offer, including the incredible benefits of goat milk products.  

FAVORITE SOAP: Everyday scent would be Rise ‘n Shine, but I love Sparkling Snow, a Christmas soap

COFFEE ORDER: It’s gotta be strong and a little sweet

FAVORITE BOOK: Outlander series


FAVORITE PART OF THE SOAP-MAKING PROCESS: I love being innovative and creating new products to offer

FAVORITE PART OF SMALL-TOWN LIVING: Life moves slower in a small town, and we prefer it that way­—It gives you time to appreciate what you have

FAVORITE SOAP: Lavender Peppermint

COFFEE ORDER: Strong! With goat milk and raw honey

FAVORITE BOOK: Pillars of the Earth, The Hiding Place

DREAM DINNER PARTY GUEST: Jesus (of course), then Harry Connick, Jr. playing the piano

FAVORITE PART OF THE SOAP-MAKING PROCESS: Cutting it to see the finished product

FAVORITE PART OF SMALL-TOWN LIVING: The strong and close faith community in our town and knowing most everyone when you’re out and about



Maahhh, hi i'm Pepper!

Hope Hill Farm in the Press

Live to Farm - Discovery

Season 2 - Episode 8

The G.O.A.T. Farmer

For an up-close look at life on our farm and in our soap shop, see us featured on an episode of Live to Farm, streaming on Discovery Plus and RFD-TV. Filmed in the summer of 2023, this show features The Kalb family visiting our farm, getting aquatinted with our goats, and watching us throughout the soap-making process. 


Money Grab in the Cab

Season 2 - Episode 4

Gibson Southern – Kidding Around

Check out our son Sam and his close buddy compete on Money Grab in the Cab as a means to raise money for our high school's FFA chapter. Ben Bailey came all the way to Gibson County in the summer of 2023 to ask trivia and help fundraise for our community's up and coming farmers. The crew also visited Hope Hill Farm to film a segment featuring our goats, including Ben interacting with our herd and attempting to milk a goat.

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