Reservation Lists & Deposits:
There is no cost for being placed on a reservation list for any pairing. Please contact me via email or Facebook messenger to be added to the reservation list. 
Once animals are born, I will contact those interested who are on the list (in the order they were placed on the list). From there, a buyer has two days to decide to commit. After two days, either (a) buyer will submit a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold the animal until weaning, or (b) I will contact the next in line on the reservation list. 
Weaning & Pickup:
Animals stay on the farm until they are 8 weeks old. The ideal time for pickup is the 8th week. After 9 weeks, the buyer is responsible for a boarding fee of $2 per day per animal. Animals must be picked up within 10 days after the 9-week mark. Any animals not picked up within this timeframe will be forfeited without a return of the deposit. 
Pickup will occur at Hope Hill Farm, unless other arrangements have been predetermined.
Deposits can be made via Venmo, or Paypal. Your $100 deposit is non-refundable.
Balance is due at the time of pickup. Animals must be paid in full to be released to the buyer. I accept cash, Venmo, or Paypal.
All payments made via Paypal that are not submitted as “friends and family” will have a 4% fee added. The buyer is responsible for covering this fee, and buyers must inform me of your intent to use Paypal before sending a deposit or payment.
Health of Animals:
If, between deposit and pickup, there is an unforeseen injury or death of the animal, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a different animal. All animals are guaranteed healthy at time of pickup. If an animal becomes ill before pickup, I will keep the animal at no extra charge until travel is possible. Once you leave Hope Hill Farm with your animal on pickup day, we cannot guarantee the health of the animal and it becomes the responsibility of the buyer.
Breeder’s Rights:
We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason at any time. We reserve the right to retain any animal born on the farm. In the instance of a refusal or revocation, the deposit will be refunded.
Pairings & Buyer Requirements:
If the buyer is unsure of what’s best for your herd, I will do my best to pair animals intentionally with each person. Because goats are instinctively herd animals, I will not sell a single animal to a farm that does not have other goats. I will also not sell a buck to a farm where he doesn’t either have another buck or a wether as a pasture mate. 

Registrations and Guarantees:
For all kids being sold as registered, either (a) I will enter the application and transfer online and add to your ADGA cart, or (b) you will be given signed ADGA application papers at the time of pickup. Option A is preferred. Buyer is responsible for all ADGA registration and transfer fees, and the buyer is responsible for telling me which of these options you’d like BEFORE pickup.
Adult animals being sold as registered will leave the farm with original certificates and signed transfers. The buyer is responsible for all transfer fees.
To the best of my knowledge, show animals will be free from disqualifying faults at the time they leave the farm. 
Fertility is guaranteed for breeding animals. If a genetic disorder is proven causing infertility via (1) a written veterinary report and (2) appropriate testing, the animal will be refunded or replaced with a comparable animal.
Due dates cannot be guaranteed for any pair. Animals may have due dates change based on need to repeat a breeding.
A buck’s height at maturity will not be guaranteed.

Sales Policy

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